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Cut Through the Noise with Dave Turano

Apr 19, 2022

So many people just want to be happy; there’s so much talk about finding happiness, you’d think it was a scarce resource. But perhaps what makes happiness so elusive is that it’s so plentiful. We all have the capacity to find it, grow it, and live it. So why aren’t we happier? 

Tamara Zoner believes that happiness is a choice. There are more circumstances in your control than you think, and evaluating your own behavior is essential to making the small, habitual changes that will compound to a happier existence over time. When we choose things that make us happier, we are taking responsibility over ourselves – and when we take responsibility for ourselves, we impact everyone else around us. 

Tamara is the founder of A Life You Love Now, LLC, where she offers everything from one-on-one happiness coaching to organization-wide workshops. Feeling scattered? You can also take her Passion Test, which helps you find five things that you want in life, so that you can make daily decisions that bring you closer to satisfaction. 

Find Tamara at and at the links below.