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Cut Through the Noise with Dave Turano

Oct 4, 2022

Like many Americans, Josie Warren touts a troubling backlog of health issues. Throughout her life, she suffered from thyroid issues, eating disorders, alcoholism, and a host of other challenges that kept her and her body on a perpetual see-saw of symptoms. Being chronically ill became a way of life for Josie. She relied on pharmaceuticals to get through the day, and she was sure that her body was meant to live in a state of constant sickness. 

But when Josie became so ill that she had to leave her job as a therapist at the age of twenty-eight, she realized that treating her symptoms wasn’t enough anymore – she had to find a way to rid herself of the illness altogether. She ended up at a health center that specializes in chronic illness in Colorado. That was when a professional finally asked her the pivotal question: “Why are you doing this to yourself?” 

By looking inward, Josie had to confront all of the stressors that were activating her sympathetic nervous system and making her ill. But as she continued to learn from herself and others, she also came to understand that external stress isn’t the culprit. We’re not getting sick because of our environment, or the food we’re eating, or the job we’re working. We’re getting sick because we’ve lost the ability to respond to stress in the way that we’re meant to. 

Now, Josie is an educator who shares her knowledge and expertise with those who are looking to heal themselves from illness. According to Josie, when we take ownership over our stressors, we rebuild our resilience; when we learn how to do life, our bodies enter homeostasis – and finally, we begin to heal. 

Josie is a consultant at The Hashimoto’s Fix. Find her at

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