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Cut Through the Noise with Dave Turano

Nov 9, 2021

Sometimes, you have to obstruct the system to achieve justice. 

Today, we’re joined by Janice S. Lintz, Founder and CEO of Hearing Access & Innovations. When her daughter was diagnosed with hearing loss before the age of three, Janice joined the legal fight to ensure that her daughter had access to learning opportunities. When she sought justice against her abusive husband, she learned the true labyrinth that is the judicial system. Janice was labeled an “obstructionist”—and in the face of corruption, lack of transparency, and lack of accountability, that’s exactly what she wants to be.

How can we pursue what’s right, even in the face of a system so demoralizing? 

Janice is a consultant, an advocate, and a candidate in the MPA program at the Harvard Kennedy School. Find her at and Like this episode? Share with your friends and write us a review on Apple Podcasts.