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Cut Through the Noise with Dave Turano

Apr 12, 2022

We all know takers. They’re the people who show up when it’s convenient and contribute only when they gain something in return. But even so, there are just as many people eager to give more than they receive.  EA Csolkovits started out as a janitor in the home of June Martino–she’s the lady that believed in Ray Kroc’s McDonald’s before it was McDonald’s. After realizing how approachable she was, he asked her how she found success–and was even more surprised at how much she was willing to share with him. 

In this episode, EA tells us how mentorships helped him become a millionaire, from those early days with June to a business partner who insisted on giving more than receiving. Then, he walks us through the benefits of giving. 

The biggest take-aways? Look for givers and look for ways to give. Learn from people who’ve done it before and be someone who gives your expertise to other deserving, ambitious people like you. 

EA is the founder of Givers University, a platform that offers courses, mentorships, workshops, and even easy-to-implement checklists that help people find happiness, success, and freedom. Find them at and at the links below. 




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