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Cut Through the Noise with Dave Turano

Dec 16, 2022

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, many of us will have ample opportunity to gather with friends, family and colleagues to eat, drink and celebrate...and then drink some more!  

Who hasn't pre-gamed before an office party or polished off a few bottles of wine with friends after shopping?1?!  Much like coffee, Alcohol has become a staple in the daily lives of many successful people.  The marketing dollars spent to promote alcohol consumption is only rivaled by the money spent by automodbile industry.  Alcohol has been normalized, glamourized and accessorized to a population that also shames the people that drink more than they would like.

Caroline Holke helps successful women get rid of the shitty parts of drinking so they can create a life they wouldn't dream of numbing out of. Most people focus on what to DO to cut back on their drinking, while Caroline helps her clients tease out what is "driving them to drink" in the first place. Addressing these underlying, root causes helps her clients create sustainable change in their relationship with drinking.   

Caroline's work centers on teaching her clients how to apply critical thinking skills to their own thinking because we believe what we think!  When you learn how to think on purpose, you can go from wanting to numb out to escape your life to creating a life that you don't want to miss any of.

In this past year alone, research shows that women are drinking 41% more than they were before the pandemic.  The vast majoirty of Caroline's clients do not 'look' like they have a problem.  Many of them are highly accomplished personally and professionally, but inside they are hurting.  This episode might provide options to the gray area drinker that is looking for an option besides AA.  Hope you enjoy!  Happy Holidays!

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