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Cut Through the Noise with Dave Turano

Mar 1, 2022

Parenting is tough. We want to do it right, and we constantly have to make decisions that we know can impact our children for the rest of their lives. 

Today, we hear from Debbie Godfrey, founder of Positive Parenting, where she gives workshops and tools to parents who are looking to feel more competent at life’s most important job. Ultimately, our job as parents is to “work ourselves out of a job”: to know that we are raising independent, confident, and responsible members of society. In Debbie’s experience, most parents find that first, they have to check in on themselves. Then, they have to contemplate the long-term consequences of their actions as a parent and have the courage and confidence to change. 

From building new neural pathways in our kids to navigating the digital age, Debbie reminds us that we are participants in a “perfect design between parent and child.” And every day, our decisions reflect how we step up to such a sacred responsibility. 

Find Debbie on and follow her on social media, linked below. 





Instagram: @positiveparentingdebbie

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