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Cut Through the Noise with Dave Turano

Mar 8, 2022

Everywhere, professionals are looking for the right job, and companies are looking to hire them. But companies can’t afford to hire the wrong people. We need people who are competent. We need people who are engaged. 

We need people who will not compromise the safety of our workplace. 

As a Certified Protection Professional (CPP), David Sawyer recognized that all companies were worried about safety. In 2004, David started Safer Places, Inc., where he offers background screenings, drug testing, and security consulting to a variety of organizations, based on their unique settings and needs. He’s also been able to adapt with the rapid changes in digital citizenship and safety standards. Sometimes, a felony charge has more to the story. Other times, the person who charms us the most is a pathological liar. 

In this episode, David offers a new lens for looking at safety–and a few reminders for how to keep ourselves, our employees, and our customers safe at work. 

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