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Cut Through the Noise with Dave Turano

Mar 29, 2022

All day, you’re looking at things. You look at your email, your Instagram feed, your colleagues, your clients, your own face in a Zoom call, your loved ones. Not being able to see or read well – or not liking how you look with glasses on – is distracting and frustrating. 

This week, Dave sits down with Rick Young of Boston Vision, who walks us through the surgical options available to those who want to ditch the glasses and contacts. Between LASIK, PRK, implanted contacts, and cataract surgery, they’ve got you covered. 

But more than that, they know that people can be squeamish, especially when it comes to their eyes. So they take the time to sit down with each patient and explain exactly how the procedures work. Dave can attest to that. Because of the doctors at Boston Vision, he felt comfortable going in for LASIK. And he’s more than happy with the results.  

Boston Vision has several locations around the Boston area: Brookline, Wellesley, Medford, Milford, and Andover, coming May 1. They offer free consultations in all offices and surgeries in Brookline and Andover. 

Find Boston Vision here: