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Cut Through the Noise with Dave Turano

Dec 20, 2022

Dina Gray’s daughter, Emilia, was diagnosed with Autism at 18 months old and heavily reliant on behavioral therapy.  When schools went fully remote in March of 2020, Emilia’s development immediately started regressing.  As time passed, Dina’s concerns began to grow about the lack of support available to her daughter and other families with Autistic children. It wasn’t until Emilia aged-out the therapy program she’d been in that Dina met her now Clinical Partner, Kerri Brown. Dina was drawn to Kerri from the get-go, but when she learned that Kerri had experience working with older children with Autism, the idea for ABA Helps was born - ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis. Today, Dina and Kerri provide in-home therapy services to children and young adults on the autism spectrum. They work closely with clients and their families in their natural environment to develop and reinforce functional communication and behavior skills that enhance independence.

This episode will drop December 20th on Apple Podcasts.

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